Balance to the Core

The Maiden Voyage!

Achieving balance creatively with family, fitness, fun and life! That is what I am pondering as the rain is just starting to come down. I am sitting here in the driveway with both kids napping in their car seats. Pondering the maiden voyage of the blog. Enjoying the quiet outside of the dog yapping from inside the house to come out. Don’t want to open the car door to end the sweet slumber in the back seat!
It was a 5am wake up for my son today, much to my husbands dismay (I was out teaching my Body Back class), and he has been running ever since! I had a bear of a time wrangling them this morning, first at Barnes and Noble story time (the big train table was much more captivating to them), then chasing the boy all over while my daughter got her haircut and mini manicure at a cute girly salon, thanks to Groupon!
So, here I sit, enjoying confinement and catching up on emails, phone calls and Starbucks.
The aim is to find balance – sometimes it appears for a minute, sometimes an hour. Maybe it’s a meal, maybe it’s a mini-workout. For all of my equestrian friends out there, that realm of balance is never far from my mind!
Sometimes we get it. Other times, not so much (see paragraph 1). And so it goes. Let’s reset, and work on getting it right when the next opportunity arrives.


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