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Really, Dunkin Donuts?

I am addicted to Dunkin’ coffee. Yes, I admit it. I can have countless cups from my Keurig, but nothing gets me going like my DD medium, cream with 1 sugar. Sometimes I go sugarless when I need to.

Sometimes I wonder what they put in their coffee to make it so tasty. A little special addition to the water? Even the k-cups can’t emulate the flavor. Maybe it’s the whole experience – the drive thru, the thrill of the open road. 2 kids screaming in their car seats.

But I digress. There have been many concoctions created to entice the hungry coffee drinker. I am usually good about sticking to the egg white menu, and my kids even prefer egg whites over munchkins (not a regular event, just when Mommy doesn’t stock the snack bag).

They now have tuna salad sandwiches, all types of breakfast options at any time of day. What really got my attention was this:


That little sign next to the egg white Wake Up Wrap? Why, it’s a Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich…!!! They describe it with the tagline “Going Where No Breakfast Has Gone.” Yeah, like, to the ER in about 5 milliseconds!

A little more detail from the website: a “smorgasbord of bacon slices and pepper fried egg, sandwiched by a Glazed Donut.”

I can feel my arteries hardening as I type that sentence.

So, today I asked my drive thru guy if people actually order that thing. He nodded enthusiastically – “Yes, you want one?” Ummmm…. Maybe if I were 20 years old with a bad hangover… Thank goodness THOSE days are behind me. Mostly.

I realize I am not at the bastion of healthy eating. It’s a donut shop. But there are treats and there is breakfast. There is an obesity crisis in this country. Does it make someone feel better that they had an egg with their donut?

I enjoyed an Oreo donut when it made the rounds. But this just seems wrong. I can’t even bring myself to taste test it. I’ll leave that to one of my favorite bloggers, Snack Girl.

If you have a free day or a sweet treat on your calendar, by all means, help yourself. But..why?

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